10 digital transformation questions every CIO must answer

Written by Mary Pratt

Mary K. Pratt is a freelance writer based in Massachusetts. Mary reports mostly on business and technology management, with the bulk of her work appearing in CIO Magazine, Computerworld, and TechTarget.

Monday, Oct 23

Impactful DX requires a business-centric approach supported by the right skills, culture, and strategy. Here’s how to assess whether your digital journey is on the path to success.

Digital transformation has become an essential part of business success. Yet, organizations still struggle with getting it right.

According to TEKsystems’ 2023 State of Digital Transformation, 41% of organizations’ digital transformation (DX) initiatives have failed to achieve their desired outcomes. Another study, the 2023 State of the Intelligent Information Management Industry, turned up similar numbers, finding that one-third of companies have yet to achieve significant success with their DX efforts.

“A lot of times when somebody is asked what they’re doing for transformation, they say, ‘I’m moving my workloads to cloud’ or ‘I’m moving to cloud-native development.’ That’s not digital transformation. Digital transformation is when you’re helping the company grow and disrupt,” says Anant Adya, an executive vice president of cloud services company Infosys Cobalt.

Those who are falling short may have missed signs indicating the need to tack and set a new course. But the signs are there, for those who take the time to look.

To that end, CIO.com asked a half-dozen longtime IT leaders — current and former CIOs as well as consultants and executive advisers — to share the questions they think CIOs should ask themselves to determine whether they’re sailing to success or about to dash onto the rocks. They came up with the following 10.

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