10 key skills for a successful cloud strategy

Written by Mary Pratt

Mary K. Pratt is a freelance writer based in Massachusetts. Mary reports mostly on business and technology management, with the bulk of her work appearing in CIO Magazine, Computerworld, and TechTarget.

Monday, Sep 20

Success in the cloud also means tweaking your skills mix. From architecture expertise to vendor relationship management, here’s what your organization needs to make the most of the cloud.

More than a decade into cloud adoption, CIOs still report that a lack of the latest needed skills has slowed or stymied their cloud strategies.

One recent report, for example, found that the lack of in-house skills was a top inhibitor of cloud programs, coming in at No. 3 just behind cost and security concerns. Indeed, the State of Cloud Strategy Survey from HashiCorp found that 41% of respondents listed the in-house skills gap as an issue, while 57% said the overall skills shortage is a top cloud challenge.

That’s not surprising, experts say, considering how many specialized skills are needed to advance and mature an enterprise cloud strategy.

“This is about more than developers,” says Bill Franklin, senior director of cloud engineering at tech services provider Avant Communications. “Teams need architects — those that can conduct security operations, network, and compute — who know the cloud environments and can evaluate and optimize them. Additionally, you need resources from various places that can help to control costs in the cloud. If you’re evaluating cloud — and most businesses should be — then you need these skills urgently.”

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