CIOs for hire: The rise of the contract CIO

Written by Mary Pratt

Mary K. Pratt is a freelance writer based in Massachusetts. Mary reports mostly on business and technology management, with the bulk of her work appearing in CIO Magazine, Computerworld, and TechTarget.

Monday, Feb 21

A class of CIOs are offering fractional and contract services to fill a niche in the IT executive job market.

With more than four decades of IT experience and multiple executive roles, Greg Taffet has both seen and held a wide range of job titles. So he was surprised when a new one cropped up, and even more surprised when it was used to describe his work.

The title? Gig CIO.

After his initial reaction, Taffet realized that the term made sense. He knows some IT executives who, with more available time thanks to reduced commutes and new remote work schedules, have taken on second executive positions.

“They’re picking up interim, fractional, or project-related CIO work,” Taffet says.

Taffet does work in a similar capacity, and although he doesn’t use gig CIO to describe his work, he says the term makes sense for professionals who hold the top IT post yet are not staff employees.

These IT leaders more often call themselves fractional CIOs, contract CIOs, CIOs for hire, and sometimes virtual CIOs (even if they occasionally work physically on-site for their client organizations).

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