Taffet Associates provides mentoring and strategic business consulting to ‘La Paix Bakery’ — and the best part is that we get paid in bread!

Written by Greg Taffet

Providing strategic and high-level consulting services to startups and highly-scalable companies across the country with a primary focus in the South Florida and NYC tri-state areas.

Monday, Oct 23

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About La Paix Bakery

Nestled in Miramar, Florida, is a family-run bakery that opened its doors in November 2005, thanks to the efforts of Lucien Nozile, Yolande Derosier, and Nadeige Sterlin. This quaint bakery goes beyond offering delightful baked goods; it’s a celebration of Haitian culture in the heart of Florida. The name ‘La Paix,’ which translates to ‘peace’ in French, encapsulates the serene and friendly ambiance that welcomes every visitor. The journey began in 1999 when Lucien and Yolande embarked on their first baking venture, which eventually blossomed into the establishment of La Paix Bakery in 2005. Though Lucien passed away in 2017, his legacy continues to thrive through the authentic Haitian recipes that the bakery prides itself on.

Today, Yolande, along with her daughters Natasha and Nadeige, steer the bakery, each adding a unique flavor to the business’s success. Their dedication extends beyond the bakery, as La Paix serves as a cultural ambassador, offering a slice of Haitian culture to the community. They’ve created employment opportunities for newcomers in South Florida, embodying a sense of community and giving back. The bakery has become a hub for cultural exchange, where the rich flavors of Haiti are shared and celebrated. With a second location set to open in Miami-Dade county in 2022, La Paix Bakery is on a trajectory of growth, aiming to share the La Paix experience with a broader audience while continuing to honor and promote Haitian culture.

AboutThe Venture Mentoring Team (VMT)

  • is a nonprofit educational organization with a 501(c)(3) status, primarily aimed at supporting the startup and small business communities.

Mission and Objectives:

  • The VMT is dedicated to fostering the startup community by training and credentialing mentors, and then connecting these mentors with promising entrepreneurs to help startups and small businesses reach their full potential
  • The goal is to help startups and small businesses gain sustainability and traction, and in the process, create employment opportunities, generational wealth, and personal growth for the entrepreneurs


  • The VMT helps startups refine their pitch decks, determine product-market fit, design a minimum viable product, and address any needs toward launching a profitable business
  • For small businesses, the VMT assists in setting goals, prioritizing activities, and achieving key objectives to scale and reach new heights


  • Mentors at VMT are successful executives and entrepreneurs from various fields including corporate, legal, academic, and both profit and non-profit sectors, who volunteer their time and expertise
  • The mentorship program focuses on refining business strategies, developing investor or grant pitches, prioritizing market entry activities, and gaining access to a collective community for maximum exposure

Community Impact:

  • The VMT serves as a connecting medium, creating a network among universities, investment communities, corporations, incubator and accelerator programs, and more. This network aims to enhance the effectiveness of financial programs like loans and grants by combining them with the mentorship provided, resulting in a significant outcome multiplier