The 6 most overhyped technologies in IT

Written by Mary Pratt

Mary K. Pratt is a freelance writer based in Massachusetts. Mary reports mostly on business and technology management, with the bulk of her work appearing in CIO Magazine, Computerworld, and TechTarget.

Monday, Aug 22

IT leaders are not immune to infatuation with the promise of emerging tech. Here, CIOs share which technologies they believe are primed to underdeliver, offering advice on right-sizing expectations for each one.

Many modern CIOs have adopted the mantra: No technology for technology’s sake.

Yet they and other tech-enthusiasts still get enamored with the newest tool or excited by the latest leap in digital innovation. Caught up in the buzz, they can convince themselves that a hyped technology’s value proposition must be a fit for their company.

“The tech world is ablaze with emerging technologies that have the potential to transform the way we live, work, and learn,” says Jeff Wong, global chief innovation officer at professional services firm EY. “We’ve seen similar hype-cycle environments come and go before. While there’s the incredible promise of transformation from these new technologies, the buzz around it can lead people to believe that implementing the innovation is immediate, but it’s not.”

The trick, he and others say, is to see each technology as it really is — including its potential pitfalls and drawbacks along with its promised potential. In other words, strategic and transformational IT leaders know how to separate the dream from reality.

With that in mind, we asked CIOs to share with their peers the technologies they think are overhyped, and their thoughts on how to right-size expectations for each one. Here’s what they have to say about the most overhyped tech in IT today.

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