What has been your organization’s digital transformation success?

Written by Greg Taffet

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Wednesday, Dec 09

Research by McKinsey has shown that success rates for these efforts have been below 30%

Here are the 3 strategies that will enable a successful digital transformation:

✔ Nurturing Technology Integrators

Integrators are employees that bridge the gap between the traditional and digital parts of your business. These employees help integrating digital tools in the workplace and fostering stronger internal capabilities. 

✔ Developing New Workplace Behaviors

Organizations must reinforce new behaviors and ways of working by establishing practices around digital adoption and ideation. In fact, when employees generate their own ideas on digitization, companies are 1.4x likely to succeed.

✔ Communicating with Employees

Organizations that are able to communicate with employees where they are heading and why the change is important are 3x more likely to succeed in their digital endeavors.

How has your company adapted to its digital transformation goals?

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